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Ahum. I suck at commenting back at people. I keep thinking about the potential comments I'd like to post but never really get around to actually posting them. That made me think of something to bring up here as a subject for conversation here. In addition to that, I have this pattern where I keep getting really excited about a project or a hobby, spending maybe a few weeks completely immersed in it and then sort of just end up abandoning it, often long before finishing.

This year alone, I've already started two different hobbies (fencing and yoga), abandoned one of them due to stress and am now having huge issues with remembering or bothering to go to practice with the second one. Even though I generally do enjoy it when I do manage to go. I guess my main problem with this is immersion -- I'll study everything related to whatever the target happens to be and at some point I just stop finding new aspects to a hobby to feel excited about, and gradually lose interest. Or then I have so many other things going on that I don't feel up to giving my full attention to what it is I'm supposed to be doing.

Do you find it hard to finish projects or anything you start? What do you generally do to make yourself finish them? Or do you feel more comfortable just letting a hobby or a project be and finding something new to pay attention to?


May. 27th, 2009 10:58 pm
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Hi I'm an INFP who used to think I was an INFJ until I did a LOT more research. I've found a bunch of great links to cognitive function tests, and also have started learning a little about enneagram.
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Ahum. A mission statement is good to begin with, yes. I noticed that Dreamwidth didn't have an INFP community yet, so I created this community in the hopes that it'll eventually grow to be a relaxed, informal forum for discussing all things related to INFPs. Feel free to join if you feel like it.



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